Frequently Asked Questions

A hostel is an establishment that provides budget-oriented, communal-style lodging for a broad range of people; particularly: students, workers, and travelers. Hostels encourage social interaction amongst guests through shared spaces and facilities.

Unlike a traditional hotel, the Hostel does not offer individual rooms — instead, the 1st and 3rd floors feature 24 single-size bunks and 12 double-size bunks, each with a privacy curtain, bedside cubby with reading light and power outlet, and storage locker. This format allows us to offer comfortable, convenient lodging at such an affordable price.

Reservations are generally limited to seven days. Longer reservations may be negotiated with management on a case-by-case basis.

You’ll just need:

  • A valid, state-issued Photo ID / Passport
  • Credit or debit card

Note that the Hostel do Nord reserves the right to refuse lodging to any would-be guest who displays obvious signs of inebreation / intoxication.

Yes! We have plenty of room for bikes, kayaks, canoes, or whatever else you might have in tow. They’ll be kept safe in a secure storage area on the property.

Yes! If you stop by the Hostel the day of your reservation but prior to check-in, we’ll store your luggage until your bunk is available. Once you’re at your bunk, you’ll find a convenient, secure storage locker.

NO. For sanitary reasons, use of your own personal bedding is prohibited. If you’d like extra blankets or pillows in addition to those provided with your bunk, we’ll be happy to facilitate your request.

Guests must be 18 years of age to stay at the Hostel without an accompanying adult. With an accompanying adult, there is no minimum age limit. (No maximum age limit either, so bring the kids AND grandma!)

NO. As the hostel is a shared environment, and pets may pose sanitary / health concerns for other guests, pets are NOT permitted at the Hostel. Let us know if you need any tips of nearby pet boarding facilities!

There is no official curfew at Hostel du Nord, but we do ask that guests keep the sleeping floors quiet from 10:00 PM – 7:00 AM, and the lobby area quiet from 1:00 AM – 6:00 AM.

Two of our Three floors are wheelchair accessible. You can access the first floor through a (guest-only) door that leads straight to into the sleeping area. Our second floor is accessible by two different ways. A ramp out back and there are elevators throughout the skywalk system that you will allow access to our lobby.

Unfortunately we do not provide any private bathrooms. We have five self-contained (toilet, shower, sink) bathrooms, a double vanity (for non-bathroom stuff), and a shower in the sauna lounge. You should find the bathrooms more than adequately clean, and very private (when you lock the door, of course).

A towel is required to enter the sauna, but a bathing suit is highly recommended. You can rent a towel from us for a buck.

True Blue Hostel du Nord Ground Rules

  • RESPECT ALL people and property you come in contact with at Hostel du Nord (please see Golden Rule below)
  • No illegal drugs allowed on hostel premises.
  • No smoking inside the hostel. Smoking is permitted in designated areas, such as in the back alley (look for signage).
  • No non-paying guests allowed in sleeping areas.
  • No animals or critters. Service and/or therapy animals allowed.  
  • Any guest under 21 years of age caught consuming alcohol will be reported to the police.
  • Alcohol consumption is allowed if consumed moderately and responsibly; any excessive intoxication and or rowdy behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Hostel du Nord is not liable for any injury  or loss of personal property.
  • Golden Rule: Treat all guests and staff how you would like to be treated. In order to create a pleasant environment for everyone, please practice proper hygiene, dress appropriately, clean up after yourself, and be kind!  
  • ABSOLUTELY no outside/personal bedding. There will be a $200 fine to the guest.
  • PLEASE do NOT infringe, spit, urinate, or set foot upon any neighboring properties. Our neighbors are our friends and we’d like to keep them that way.
  • IMPORTANT: We are in the sleep business. Our guests are likely to be exhausted from a day of exploring the Twin Ports and would greatly appreciate you letting them get their well-deserved Z’s.




Other Miscellaneous Rules:  

  • Do not to give the door codes to people who are not paying guests at the hostel.
  • Make sure food in fridges are labeled with name and their check out date.
  • Sauna is available for paying guests only. You must be 15+ years of age and you must wear a bathing suit while using the sauna.
  • We are not liable for injury or loss of any personal property on the premises of Hostel du Nord.

Let us know if you see something that is not up to code, regulation, or not in line with the hostel ground rules, please inform the guest and or all managers of the situation that needs to be addressed. It is your job to monitor the guests the best you can.